If you are reading this, chances are someone out there has been downsized, laid-off or had a business shut down. These people are probably working harder than ever to make ends meet, and it seems they’re trying anything and everything to do it, especially their own marketing. I know having some of these people telling you how bad this recession is going to be, that it may come as a shock or even a huge disappointment.

The truth is, the recession may not be as bad as you think. While it may seem like it is tougher than ever, there is probably a more transparent version of the economy than we are given credit for. During the recent recession, companies that didn’t take advantage of direct marketing might have closed down. In other cases, businesses may have even lasted much longer than they would during other times in the past. On the other hand, there are plenty of great businesses out there that use direct marketing to help their clients and to keep their brand name fresh in consumers’ minds.

So if you have a business and you’re dealing with a down economy, if you have a business where people often buy from the internet, or if you have a service business that relies on direct customer contact (a plumber that doesn’t want to have to sit across from your customer waiting for one), one of the best and easiest ways to keep marketing during financial woes for your business is by using direct mail.

Direct mail marketing is a very simple form of marketing. Instead of simply offering consumers or potential customers promotional products, direct mail offers something far more valuable. Of course, you are getting the relevant business information, your company or your product into the hands of the consumers directly, but you are also accessibility to the consumer who can take proactive steps to save money. This scenario of being able to save money goes above and beyond when the average consumer wants to cut back on their spendings on items that may not be of the greatest quality.

On top of this are the very likely to save money on something that they may want that a direct mail marketing company is offering.

From the standpoint of a direct mail marketing company, success during recessions depends in large part on the visibility of a company’s promotions. If a company spends money in advertising and fails to reach these consumers, the company is pretty much seeing success on the back of those dollars. However, if a company is able to advertise in an area where the consumer is likely to spot the promotions and take advantage of them, the company is doing exemplary damage.

Consider these statistics:

  1. A new survey by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) published in 2009 states that consumers who are exposed to an advertiser’s marketing messages are twice as likely to respond to a call center campaign as those who aren’t.
  2. When consumers buy a household product in person the number of sales goes up by Founder Index, which is about 36 percent greater than if they are not introduced to a brand by a psychologist.
  3. Add in cost of print materials, a mailing list or hosting, and Direct Marketing pounds go up even more–the average Wooden Bay distributor price is up by an incredible 34 percent. So definitely, direct mail is an effective form of marketing during a recession. Take a look at what direct marketing companies can provide for your company’s marketing needs.